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Thermalmix Paint Additive

Quick Overview


• Heat loss reducing insulating paint additive.
• Reduces severe condensation problems.
• Anti-condensation paint additive.
• Can be used as wall paint as well as ceiling paint.
• Less energy needed reduces heating bills.
• Helps prevent unsightly toxic mould.
• Lowest cost wall & ceiling thermal insulation.
• Energy saving, therefore eco-friendly.
• Easy to use for all painters and decorators.



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Thermalmix is a revolutionary insulating paint additive for painting and decorating that makes almost any paint or coating insulate. Developed by our highly-skilled Research and Development team, it’s an eco-friendly additive that cuts down energy use and reduces heat loss through your walls and ceilings, therefore helping to reduce your energy bills. Thermalmix thermal insulation paint additive has been independently tested to UK, EU and ASTM standards and scientifically proven to work by world leading laboratories and government bodies. By using the latest NanoCNB insulating technologies to create an effective thermal barrier, Thermalmix thermal insulation additive can help prevent heat loss through your walls and ceilings in both domestic and commercial buildings, and can be applied almost anywhere as wall paint or ceiling paint.

Conventional insulation products only work by slowing down the rate of HEAT LOSS through walls and ceilings, whereas Thermilate’s thermal barrier works by reflecting the heat BACK in to your room, PREVENTING the heat reaching the wall in the first place. Thermalmix’s thermal insulation barrier keeps the cold wall surface and the warmer air apart. As you touch the wall with your hand you can feel the heat being reflected BACK and the wall will feel warmer to the touch. Once added to any acrylic paint or emulsion paint Thermalmix has the same effect with the warm air from your heating system, reflecting it BACK into the room instead of the heat being drawn to the colder surface of the wall, and escaping. The contact between the warm air and the cold wall is dramatically reduced once paint mixed with Thermalmix is applied. Therefore the production of water droplets and condensation is dramatically reduced if not totally eliminated.

When painting and decorating a minimum of two coats of paint containing Thermalmix should be applied to achieve maximum thermal insulation. Thermalmix gives a very slight textured feel, so perfect for covering minor imperfections. However, for a flatter finish, simply apply a final third coat of paint without Thermalmix mixed in to it. Any acrylic paint or emulsion paint containing the thermal insulation additive does not lose its qualities when painted on top of lining paper, wallpaper already painted with another emulsion and non-blown vinyl wallpapers. Paint containing Thermalmix insulating paint additive should not be applied to “blown vinyl” wallpapers which absorb the paint and leave the insulating micro technology as a residue which will later become dispersed. Painting new plaster with the insulated emulsion paint requires a mist coat application, a coating that is one part paint and one part water, only then should you apply the rest of the insulating paint.

We recommend: You need to add one bottle of Thermalmix per 5 litres of paint.

  1. I recommend this product review by Kylie on 09/10/2014

    Would recommend this product, which reduces condensation problems for sure. It came nicely packaged and quickly.

  2. excellent service review by Lionheart on 30/07/2014

    Thermilate was reccomended to me by a friend as a very useful aid to raising insulation values in small houses and cottages. Living in a 200 year old cottage with solid walls has its own problems when considering insulation. Thermilate added to emulsion for large areas of wall has a noticeable effect on the warmth of out side walls. It takes a bit of careful mixing and adds a very slight softing to the tone or colour of the paint.
    Very good product and reasonably priced.

  3. Good product review by Nick B S on 09/06/2014

    A friend have recommended it to me, so I have found it very good in a cold corner of the house.

  4. Perfect product review by Tom P on 14/03/2014

    I have used this before and found it very good at preventing condensation on the walls of a north facing ground floor bathroom. For me any insulation benefit is a bonus.

  5. does what it says review by Chloe on 02/02/2014

    We were interested to discover Thermilate paint some years ago and used this previously in another house, where it seemed to improve the temperature in the room in which it was used. Had trouble in tracking down the paint recently, but instead found this additive to be mixed into ordinary emulsion paint. Have used it in a bedroom in an exposed extension, which seemed quite a cold room, and it does feel much more comfortable now. Thank you for the good customer service.

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